Meet Catalist

Company database based on patent and website data. Allows you to manage your deal flow and innovation funnel. Fosters collaboration across departments and teams.

We are helping

Our clients to become more effective and efficient in identifying, assessing and selecting innovative technology companies to collaborate with or invest in

If you can’t see the forest for the trees, and if you are tired of outdated excel files, countless lists of interesting companies and a full inbox of unanswered partner and investment requests, search no further.

We understand the labour that goes into identifying, assessing and selecting companies to collaborate with and/or invest in, and we have developed the technology that will enable you to save time and make better decisions.

Find. Analyze. Select.

Make better investment and partnering decisions with being more comprehensive, structured and efficient in finding, analysing and selecting target companies.


Find innovative technology companies in our database containing startups, scaleups, incumbents and everything in between.

Profit from our continuous efforts to add new companies to our database through integration of a patent database, targeted searches and Venture IQ bots scraping the net for more.


Analyze the companies that you have found by structuring your data set using dropdown tags, creating graphs of the companies that fall within your selection criteria.

Data not quite complete yet? Use our Chrome extension to automate your data gathering.


Make your final selection of relevant companies by diving into the company profiles, providing your feedback and soliciting your colleagues to provide their input as well.

Keep a single track record of all your communication on finding, analyzing and selecting potential partners and investment targets.

Key Benefits

Get The Big Picture
80% coverage of the competitive landscape out of the box.
Don't Waste Time
95% reduction in time spent manually managing your dealflow and innovation funnel process.
Stay Organized
100% of your dealflow / innovation funnel, analytics, reporting, and history in one place.

Automate your data gathering