Meet Catalist

Start-up database based on patent and website data. Allows you to manage your deal flow and innovation funnel. Fosters collaboration across departments and teams.

Find. Analyze. Select.

Make better investment and partnering decisions with Search, Collections & Tags, and Conversations


Collections & Tags

  • Build collections of related companies to track and compare
  • Enrich your data with descriptions, tags, and keywords for easy filtering and search
  • Set up a custom workflow and assign statuses to companies
  • Attach files to your company profiles - call notes, brochures, etc.


  • Rank companies according to your criteria
  • Leave feedback on companies
  • @Mention your colleagues in comments
  • Assign tasks for yourself and others
  • Get notifications of tasks and mentions

Key Benefits

Get The Big Picture
80% coverage of the competitive landscape out of the box.
Don't Waste Time
95% reduction in time spent manually managing your dealflow and innovation funnel process.
Stay Organized
100% of your dealflow / innovation funnel, analytics, reporting, and history in one place.