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According to our clients

Eneco uses Venture IQ for innovation and corporate venturing technology scouting

With Venture IQ, we can proactively identify the most relevant companies for our corporate venturing, business development and strategy activities. Their technology scouting software allows us to be more productive, helping us to speed up the energy transition and structure our deal flow and innovation process

Friesland Campina uses Venture IQ to find solutions to their innovation challenges

Since 2015 our R&D teams worked intensively with Venture IQ in their search for companies active within specific technology areas. The goal was to find solutions to our innovation challenges and potentially to start co-operations with these innovative companies. After having screened 2000+ relevant companies we can state that we obtained a good view on innovative developments in these technology areas. We identified new technologies and we spoke with a number of companies about a potential innovation partnerships of which the first took off. Venture IQ understands what we are looking for and delivers us curated lists of leads quickly. Venture IQ brings us efficiency in partner scouting!

Glenn Bijvoets, senior innovation manager Eneco

Peter Navarro, Global Innovation Manager Friesland Campina