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Through our specialized software and services

Venture IQ helps corporates and investors to identify, assess, and select innovative technology companies to partner with or invest in by offering specialized software and services.

Luca Valiati
At SHV Energy we have a strong focus on innovation, especially in niche markets: VentureIQ was able to give us a deep insight of the topic investigated already after few days of research
With Venture IQ, we can proactively identify the most relevant companies for our corporate venturing, business development and strategy activities.
Peter Navarro
Venture IQ brings us efficiency in scouting projects; they understand what we are looking for and deliver us curated analysis of leads quickly so that our people can focus on just what is most relevant.


Use our technology scouting & collaboration platform to make your scouting activities more efficient and effective

Start-up database based on patent and website data. Allows you to manage your deal flow and innovation funnel. Fosters collaboration across departments and teams.