Technology scouting

By making use of Venture IQ’s systematic data-driven technology scouting approach, 100+ professional investors and Fortune 500 customers base their investment and partnering decisions on facts, not gut feeling.

Proactive scouting is key to make the right investment and partnering decisions

Proactive scouting is key to make the right partnering or investment decisions. It is also very time consuming when done properly and requires the right tools and analysis. Our data-driven service offering allows corporates and investors to accelerate their proactive screening, ensuring better market insight, better matches and better returns for investor and investee alike.

Based on our structured and systematic approach, we generate a high volume of leads that we narrow down to the most relevant ones

The world is large and innovation is everywhere. We identify, segment and analyse companies that have developed innovative technology addressing our clients’ investment / partnering needs.

Build an understanding of what you are looking for

Generate a high volume of leads to test your hypotheses and define further criteria

Filter your results by scoring the startups on clear and specific criteria

Conduct a detailed analysis of your shortlisted companies, to find the best match possible

Our technology scouting services are database independent and noise free

No single database holds a complete list of relevant companies. The ability to rapidly screen multiple sources is key to ensure an as-complete-as possible overview of potential targets.

Your custom database is built up using a diverse set of carefully selected sources*
The data we present you is noise free and relevant to your needs


Make better investment and partnering decisions, work with us!