Our Top-5 food and agri startups from F&A Next

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We go to many conferences, F&A Next is definitely one of our favourites. Maybe because it’s organised by our alma mater, maybe because we are just very much into food & agri. Anyway, we wouldn’t let you miss out on our top-5 food & agri early and later stage startups we have seen during the event.

1. Micropep Technologies: One of ‘Tomorrow’s heroes’ pitched on stage
Micropep Technologies pitched their miPEPs (micro-peptides) that can control plant development without changing the plant genomes. For example to let them survive in periods of drought or to let them produce higher levels of plant oils. This French startup raised 4M Euros earlier this year, the investment lead by Sofinnova, to develop this new class of agrochemicals.

2. Cytophage Technologies: The winner of Nutreco’s Feed Tech Challenge
You are what you eat, also rings true for chicken that are fed with Canadian Cytophage Technologies’ synthetic phages. The phages are programmed to kill all harmful bacteria and can therefore act as antibiotics alternative, preventing bacterial infections. The startup is going to validate their early tech together with Nutreco.

3. 30MHz: On exhibition floor 1
The internet of crops is a real thing. 30MHz created a ZENSIE plug and play sensor network for agribusinesses and in particular for greenhouse growers to do precision growing. The grower can connect their data and additional sensor data to their customisable dashboard with alerts and analytics. These Dutch cloud computing experts work with quite some large greenhouse players already and are looking to expand their network of distributors and clients.

4. Urban crop solutions: On exhibition floor 2
Turnkey provider of vertical farming solutions. Not just delivering the tech, not just delivering the seeds or the advice, but all combined in their one-stop-stop offering of standard and tailored solutions. Their HQ is located in Belgium, but as they are building urban farming units globally you could also visit them at their American HQ in Miami (in case you are in need for some extra sun).

5. Dropnostix: Talking about digestion during lunch
We definitely don’t mind, we could talk about digestion, anytime. Dropnostix developed a new rumen sensor that stays in the cow’s rumen permanently to provide farmers with insights on cow health. Especially for farmers with >200 animal’s it is handy to know more about the cow’s temperature, movement and digestive activity. Unique as it doesn’t measure the pH to tell more about digestion, but it measures the gastric pressure and motility. They are supported by German regional and EU funding for their seed stage.

If you weren’t there yourself, or didn’t have the time to chat with the enormous amount of exciting startups, feel free to drop us a message to see how we can help you to find and select the best food & agri startups out there.