Venture IQ Services

Make use of our data driven consultancy services to accelerate and further strengthen your investment and partnership decision making

Venture IQ Technology Scouting & Consultancy

We help you find the best companies globally to invest in or partner with

Global challenges, such as climate change, are becoming increasingly urgent. There is a societal and regulatory pressure on corporates and investors to play a proactive role in bringing innovative technologies to market through actively investing and partnering with external companies.

At the same time, shareholders are demanding higher returns on investment, against less risk. However, innovation has gone global and is accelerating; making sense of a market is labour & time intensive, and is prone to human biases. Too many corporate / startup collaborations fail, which is a waste of time and resources.

Proper target / partner selection and tailored market intelligence is critical to ensuring high return on investment and quick time to market. Venture IQ is known for delivering high quality leads and market analysis in short timeframes, equipping our clients with the right information to make confident decisions.

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Venture IQ Monitoring Services

Proactive lead generation through our automated monitoring services

The rate at which innovative technology companies are founded and funded is at an all time high. Countless newsfeeds, newsletters, accelerator updates and investor announcements are cluttering your inbox, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to filter out relevant content.

Doing a one-off analysis of the market is not sufficient anymore. In order to close the best deals and identify opportunities early, companies need continuous competitive intelligence that is tailored to their needs. Venture IQ developed monitoring services that help our clients identify and analyse relevant startups and scaleups in their domain – no noise, no time wasted.

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