Everyone’s still using Excel


Eco summit Paris 2018, investors, corporates and start-ups, all in a single room, all looking for that spark of magic that could ignite a great future for all. Yet to find that super cool company you have to see, talk and assess many companies. So for me listening to almost 30 speakers in a single day made a lot of sense, given I’ve only been recently introduced to the world of VCs and multibillion Euro investment funds, and still got much to learn.

Occupational hazard probably, but when listening to the speakers and making notes I couldn’t help but taking a sneak peek at which programs / tools other visitors were using to make notes (they were also peaking at my screen, in my defence). I was quite shocked to see Excel and OneNote were still the predominant tools to make notes on companies. Why shocked? Because this is an industry that focusses on the newest technologies. To see people work with 20 year old tools, looks a bit silly. Ok, I know I might be a bit biased here – (but then again, this is our company blog so bear with me) but all these people were probably going to spend their way back home editing their notes, making them presentable, and then, horror horror, sharing the Excel sheet with all their colleagues, to pile it up to the other Excel versions that already exist. Ok some people use Google docs, but hey, you know how fast these Excel sheets get super messy when you use them for a longer period as a team.

There’s many ways to spend your time in life. You could go surfing (one of my personal favourites), you could read the newspaper or analyse your current portfolio companies. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to spend your time editing, copying, pasting and losing data in tools that were not designed for technology scouting or deal flow management in the first place. I truly believe we offer a great alternative for that with Catalist, our technology scouting & deal flow management tool. I won’t bore you with the details of how awesome our product is, I would like to invite you for a (virtual) coffee so that we can tell you all about it (did I already mention we have really great coffee?)