Over 50 investors and innovators use Venture IQ Software & Services


Corporate VC / VC / PE / M&A teams

We help corporate VC / VC / PE / M&A teams increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the technology scouting and dealflow management process.

Deal flow management and pro-active scouting is a chore. We know, we’ve been there. You want to focus your time and efforts on analyzing and pursuing opportunities in the market, not on data gathering and attending conferences. Our mission is to make your life easier, so that can you focus activities that truly add value.


Innovation Management / R&D / Business Development / Strategy

We help corporate innovators and R&D to accelerate corporate innovation by moving beyond traditional means of corporate innovation.

We believe corporate innovation goes beyond developing new technologies in-house. Finding the right innovators to partner with, acquire or invest in is harder than ever – it’s virtually impossible to keep track of what’s out there, and to efficiently determine where there is a strategic fit. Venture IQ leverages a specialized software product and over 40 years of VC experience to help you find the right innovation.

With Venture IQ, we can proactively identify the most relevant companies for our corporate venturing, business development and strategy activities. Their technology scouting software allows us to be more productive, helping us to speed up the energy transition and structure our deal flow and innovation process
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