(Technology) Scouting at Easter

Easter eggs

Easter in Amsterdam has passed again (unfortunately). An opportunity to unleash that artist hidden deep within you! That is, if you painted eggs at Easter time with your family. It seems so simple but, competitive as we are, secretly is always quite a challenge. Not only the design (can’t get away with dots and stripes anymore), but also getting the paint on the egg without making a complete mess, hiding it in the best camouflaged place in a damp spring garden and the subsequent race to find them all. And don’t forget the competitive egg tapping and complete egg-overload afterwards (I have a great egg-mayo salad recipe if you’re interested).

In any case, painting eggs can be a wonderfully contemplative exercise and it struck me that there are many similarities between technology scouting and this whole Easter egg business.

First of all, like any technology search, there’s no greater kick than finding something special after searching in all the non-obvious places. Apply some structure to your search to maximize your chances of success and to make sure you find all of them. You definitely don’t want that rotten experience when you find a couple after all festivities are over. Finally, you need some technique (and luck) when tapping eggs to make sure you crack all the others.

Anyway, given this year’s outcome I may just invest in some tools like a special Easter egg painting set to get a leg up on the competition for next year. If after a well deserved Easter break you’ve now turned your attention back to finding that one special company, why don’t you give us a call to see how we can help you crack the competition?