How Venture IQ helps Royal HaskoningDHV optimise their M&A target selection

Royal HaskoningDHV is a large international engineering services provider based in the Netherlands. They pursue an active M&A and partnership agenda, which focuses on combining their domain expertise with the power of digital and data. Venture IQ, specialised in technology scouting, helps Royal HaskoningDHV in identifying and assessing relevant M&A targets, potential partnerships and fitting technologies. Over the past years, the relationship has resulted in a series of successful acquisitions across different parts of the business, among which the recent acquisition of Lanner.

Optimising engineering processes using Artificial Intelligence is gaining significant adoption by innovative engineering firms. According to Crunchbase, funding for firms in this sector hit over $14.5 billion globally in 2018. In Europe alone the top 2500 Artificial Intelligence powered software companies have attracted $1.8 billion dollars. Clearly, the market is attractive. Yet, how do you make sure you pick the winners?

While Royal HaskoningDHV traditionally had its main focus on engineering and construction projects, they recently changed their strategy to combine their domain expertise with the power of digital and data on the entire built environment. To accelerate the renewed strategy, Royal HaskoningDHV decided to look outside the firm’s own boundaries. However, to maximise the chance of M&A success, they had to address several key questions:

  • How can you quickly find the most relevant companies worldwide?
  • How do you efficiently assess whether there is a potential fit with the company?
  • And most importantly, how can you find those hidden gems that you can proactively target?

In short, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

To boost their technology scouting effectiveness, Royal HaskoningDHV wanted to get access to the most advanced and innovative players in the market and turned to Venture IQ for help. Venture IQ firmly believes a proactive, data-driven approach to technology scouting is beneficial. Using our cloud-based software ‘Catalist’ and other external information sources, Venture IQ is able to efficiently identify and screen a high volume of relevant companies and assess their capabilities on the basis of mutually agreed upon criteria. For instance, for a search for the Digital and Data Department, we identified 26 relevant companies in the initial two days. These initial results are crucial in two ways. Firstly, they give an indication of the volume of companies in the space. Additionally, they indicate the variety of angles we can look at to refine the search results. Incorporating the feedback, Venture IQ continued searching along a more specific route. In using Venture IQ’s software and services, Royal HaskoningDHV was able to save time and get access to better information, thereby making M&A decisions with more confidence.

“Working with Venture IQ and using Catalist is a great experience. The team is fast, accurate and flexible. They really can find the non-obvious results, unlocking value for our firm.”

Luuk Duijndam, Strategy Manager at RHDHV

Over the years, the collaboration between Royal HaskoningDHV and Venture IQ has paid its dividends. A series of successful acquisitions across different parts of the business have been made, among which the recent acquisition of Lanner. By collaborating on the Catalist platform, teams on both sides stayed up-to-date and were able to efficiently share knowledge on recent developments.

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