Friday afternoon break – Our top-5 companies that bring a smile to your face

unicorn weekend

We all know this not so sweet 3PM hour on the Friday afternoon. The weekend is very near but you still have a couple hours to go to push out the work you really need done by the end of the week. Your colleagues are making bad jokes already and you need something good to boost you through the last hours of your working day. Well then, without further ado, our top-5 companies to bring a smile on your face and even make you laugh about your colleagues’ bad jokes 😉

  1. Licki Brush: These days, you don’t just feed your cat and use them as glorified heaters on cold nights. No, you lick them, with Makes perfect sense right. If you’re not up for the Friday afternoon drinks, this is what you’ll be doing tonight.
  2. Happy Smugglers: with festival season coming up surely you’ve got it all figured out, right jeans, right bag, right sneakers. Wrong. You’re missing the very last essential item to be beyond cool, underwear that will help you to get through any pat-down without any problem. Be sure to check out their videos!
  3. Bike balls: I already warned you, it’s Friday afternoon so of course our list contains some ‘bad jokes’ as well. As the other cool kids, you’ve bought your expensive race bike, retro city bike or electric bike (if you’re really lazy) and you just need that finishing touch to really be the coolest of all. Well, look no further. Bike balls: will light up your bike, and light up your Friday afternoon.
  4. Cornify: when you’re tired of your colleagues’ bad jokes, you can get back at them by Cornifying their pictures. Corni-what? Cornify is the #1 unicorn and rainbow service worldwide, spreading sparkly happiness around the world. Yes, it’s a rainbow service, and yes you need it. To brighten up your colleagues’ pictures or your own desktop – go at it!
  5. When you’re really out of inspiration, not up for Cornifying your colleagues’ pictures but still want to add some bliss to the Friday afternoon, I’ve already done the work for you. Just click here and be surprised by how well your Friday afternoon vibes have been captured in memes already.

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