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Innovation is the key to profitable growth. To achieve this consistently over time, many companies try to draw on new big ideas from young technology companies. Yet finding, assessing and partnering with such companies is a path with many pitfalls. And as we know from experience, successful partnering is as much about picking the winners as avoiding the losers.

At Venture IQ, we took the learnings of over 40 years of combined VC and PE experience and developed the technology & services platform that we would have loved to have had ourselves.

We provide tools and services to cover the complete technology scouting value chain; from big data-enabled scouting, a team of analyst that can assess and select companies based on your criteria and a workflow management software to help you structure your data and processes. All to achieve the end result: finding the best companies to complement your business.

We founded Venture IQ in the summer 2015 based on an idea of the founders Koen, Alexander and Daan. Starting from the basement of our friends at Spring Associates in Amsterdam we have continously expanded the team, further developed our tooling and service offering for an ever growing group of satisfied customers.