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When you’ve been in the business of investing for as long as founders Koen & Alex have, you’ve seen it all. Good investments, great investments, terrible investments, super cool companies, boring ones, awesome tools, messy Excel sheets and everything in between.

After a collective 50 years of VC experience Koen and Alex decided it was time to solve a problem that they had as investors – finding great companies to invest in. Venture IQ was born to solve the problem of how to manage and collaborate on the technology scouting and evaluation process.

Like any other startup, Venture IQ had humble beginnings in the basement of a friend’s company and quickly grew into a bigger office on the canals in Amsterdam with some awesome analysts and first clients. Venture IQ hired some developers and began building Catalist in 2016 to collect information on all the companies they saw and collaborated with clients to build a custom database of relevant innovative companies.

Over the past 3 years Venture IQ and Catalist have come a long way – more than 50 clients; 400 completed searches, over 56k companies in Catalist collections and 17M+ companies overall. With our partner network in Shanghai, China we’re expanding our coverage and tracking innovation on a global scale.

We’re so confident in our scouting process that we’ll guarantee that we find at least one company that you didn’t know existed in a given technology space.

Get in touch to see how we can help you to improve the outcome of your next innovation and technology scouting project.


Proudly presenting the Venture IQ team of consultants, technology scouts and developers

Koen vierkant

Koen van Engelen

Alex smaller

Alexander van Os


Aranka Hetyey


Adam Popkiewicz

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Dana Blom

Technology Analyst
Yvo vierkant

Yvo Velthoen

Technology Analyst
Olivier vierkant

Olivier Kesber

Technology Analyst
Jasper vierkant

Jasper Caron

Data Scientist
Shuai smaller

Shuai Li

Technology Analyst
shamir vierkant

Shamir Sheikkariem

Technology Analyst
Robin vierkant

Robin Vergouwen

Technology Analyst
vincent vierkant

Vincent Stoop

Technology Analyst